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Happy Birthday to my First Baby

The end of the year is always an especially hectic time for me.  Between wrapping up fall portraits, Christmas card orders, and holiday shopping, the last two months of the year seem to fly by.  Not to mention, all three of my kids have birthdays within 5 weeks of each other, in November and December.  Yeah, so any money that I made on those fall photo sessions, doesn’t get too comfortable in my bank account.

Today, is my oldest son’s fifth birthday.  My husband and I had tried for a couple of years to get pregnant (and stay pregnant).  I ended up having seven miscarriages, before getting pregnant with Jonah.  We had stopped the fertility treatments, and quit seeing our specialist.  We had pretty much accepted the fact that we probably wouldn’t have any children, even booking an all inclusive vacation to the Dominican Republic, as a consolation prize, of sorts.  When I realized I was pregnant (yet again), I needed a new ob/gyn.  I randomly chose a practice close to where I was working, and made an appointment.  That’s when I met Dr. Richard Robbins.  He was kind of blown away as I listed off my medical history, and the long list of acronym-ed procedures we had tried.  He asked if I had been tested for a clotting disorder.  The specialists we had been seeing, had ran every test imaginable, including those for clotting disorders, but nothing had came back out of the ordinary.  I told Dr. Robbins that I wasn’t expecting this pregnancy to stick, I was mainly just waiting for the inevitable.  Of course, being the doctor that he is, he didn’t accept defeat that quickly, and started me on Lovenox, a blood thinner.  One self-injected shot in the stomach, every single day.  For nine months.  Did it work?  Well, the end result speaks for itself.

Happy birthday, sweet baby JoJo.  Words can’t express how happy your face makes me.


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