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Crayola Pumpkins Make My Heart Melt

I have always had memories of my dad and I carving pumpkins every Halloween.  And not these fancy, cartoon character-special carving tool-pumpkins.  I’m talking about the triangle-eyed, snaggletooth pumpkin, carved with the kitchen knife.  So the Halloween after my husband and I were married, I was determined to carry on the pumpkin carving tradition, kitchen knife and all.  An hour later, I was up to my elbows in pumpkin guts and missing the tip of my index finger.  Not exactly the fun festivity that I remembered.  Apparently, I had taken for granted all the hard work my dad put in after I drew the little face on the pumpkin, and skipped away to play with my barbies.  So when I saw these crayon melted pumpkins on Pinterest, I was in love.  There was no knife or guts involved!  Imagine that!  Granted, it was still somewhat time-consuming, but we didn’t end up in the emergency room.  And that is what holidays are all about, right?  Having fun, but avoiding a trip to the hospital.  My boys loved it.  Not only because it involved fire and crayons, but because you were allowed to combine the two.  They were in heaven.

We started off with three small pumpkins that we picked up at Kinsey Family Farms.  I love that place, it’s so much nicer than Burt’s Pumpkin Farm, in my opinion. Blasphemy,  I know!  Let the hate mail begin.

Please excuse their bed head.

I have a confession to make.  I didn’t just use old crayons.  In order to get the colors I wanted, I had to dip into the kids’ new Crayolas.  Don’t judge me.

Here is mine about half-way through.

These are the finished products.  And I still have all of my fingers!

Happy Halloween, y’all!!


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