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How to “Boo” your neighbors

I always see tons of cute holiday arts and craft projects online, but I never seem to find the time to actually complete any.  My free time is scarce and sacred, and usually reserved for my boyfriend, Mr. DVR.  He is always there waiting for me late at night with episodes of Teen Mom and Project Runway.  He is VERY hard to say “no” to.  But this year, I was determined to at least do this one particular project that I had read about a couple of years ago, “Boo Your Neighbors”.  Basically, you secretly leave a goody bag/box with a sign and a cute little poem attached explaining the game, on two of your neighbor’s porches.  The poem gives them instructions to hang the sign in their window, letting everyone know that they had been Boo’d, and then to create two treat boxes to give to two other houses in the neighborhood.  The idea is to see how many people in your neighborhood you can get to participate.  Let’s face it, who doesn’t like chocolate and baked goodies in the shape of skulls and bats, left on their doorstep?  So here’s how I “Boo’d” my neighbors:

I bought two kraft boxes and a roll of Halloween ribbon at Michaels.  While I was at the grocery store buying the cake mix, I picked up plastic Halloween rings and some stretchy spiders.  

I baked chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and topped them with the plastic rings and put them in the boxes with the spiders. 

I rolled up the instructions and signs and tied them on top with the ribbon. 

 If I would have had more time, Melissa over at Suburban Bliss, had the absolute best cupcake idea EVER.  I totally stole her goody box idea, too.  She pretty much rocks at stuff like this.  Me?  Not so much.  But luckily my neighbors don’t know about how awesome their cupcakes would have been, had I put a little more effort into them.  (I have reality show re-runs to watch, people.)  If you want a copy of the poem and sign to do your own Boo boxes, click on this link and you can download the PDF at the bottom of her post. 

Happy Halloween!

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