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Marlow Monday

The other day I was searching for a recent photo of my youngest child, Marlow, to put in a frame that I had lying around.  I looked through my archives and realized that it had been an entire month since I had taken her picture.  A whole month of her life, gone with no documentation.   It wouldn’t have been such a big deal if she were 2 or 3, but she’s only 8 months old, and her little face seems to grow and change every day.   I guess that is what happens with the third child, you’re too busy changing diapers and referreeing fights to think to pick up the camera.  So in an effort to make a point of photographing my youngest child,  and so I’ll have embarrassing pictures to show the first boyfriend she brings home, I’m declaring every Monday from now on to be Marlow Monday.

This Monday’s photos were taken in celebration of the “Mad Men” season premiere last night.  Marlow was channeling her inner Betty Draper, the lonely 1960’s housewife.

She’s more complex than meets the eye

She’s also a little dramatic.

Life is hard for an underappreciated housewife. (sigh)

P.S.  Marlow says if you’re not watching “Mad Men” on Sunday nights, you should be.

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